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Fiduciary and Insurance Platform

Cliqtech provides you with a white-labelled, disruptive, people-centric Will, Estate Planning and Insurance Delivery platform into which you can plug in real-time, relevant products & services to scale your business quickly.

Plug & Play Fiduciary & Insurance Platform

In a nutshell, Cliqtech’s SIMPLE plug-and-play technology enables our corporate clients to IMMEDIATELY create their own white-labelled FidTech & InsurTech solution.

White-labelled Fidtech Platform!

Cliqtech provides you with a white-labelled, disruptive, customer-centric Will and Estate planning service to plug in real-time, relevant Fiduciary services!

Through API integration, Cliqtech’s simple technology enables our corporate clients to create white-labelled Fiduciary solutions.

In a recent reinstatement campaign with a large insurer, 95% of customers whose funeral policies had lapsed, and then completed their Will online, were still retained one year later.


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Plug & Play system to go live within 8-10 weeks.


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Uses current circumstances to customise a Will.


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Identify & fill gaps in customers portfolio.

Smart Process.

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Lifetime access with unlimited updates.


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Expert advice throughout the process.

Expert Fiduciary.

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For insurance products.

Lead Generation.

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Faster than traditional services.


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Enabled through Technology.


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Paramteric sales of your insurance products.

Fully Underwritten.

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Update a Will anywhere, any time.


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Direct to customer or plugin agent/advisor.

Multiple Channels.

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Checked by a fiduciary expert.

Legal Integration.

About cliqtech

About Us

As social entrepreneurs, we can change the status quo of traditional fiduciary services through Smart Partnerships and intelligent technology in the fiduciary services sector.

We are a BBBEE level 2 company with over 12 years of in-house experience in building Fiduciary Technology.

We have 17 years of experience in creating bespoke Financial Services for multiple applications.

We believe that if we can inspire 1 000 000 South Africans to make a Will and better plan for the future, we will make a massive contribution to the wealth of South Africa.

More About the Platform

  • User-friendly front-end to deliver very complex Legal, Fiduciary and Financial Service functionality.
  • Our white-labelled Platform and Agent log-in functionality lets anyone plug in their Fiduciary and Legal professionals to scale their operations.
  • We are brand agnostic and can partner with any product provider to serve our client’s objectives.
  • Empowers your business to engage, at scale, with the entire spectrum of the population, not just High Net Worth clients who have access to advisors.
  • Offers the best of both Technology and access to expert personnel if needed.
  • Diversify income streams and increase margins from the data you collate with your clients.
  • Technology improves efficiencies to do more with the same number of people.
  • Customers can access a quality Will from anywhere, anytime.
About CliqTech




What sets us apart.

  • The first and only white-labelled Fiduciary Platform.
  • 95% of customers who completed their Will remained customers after 11 months.
  • Our Enterprise Platform gives you the ability to stay up to date with current technological advancements.
  • Deliver the same amount of Wills with only one-third of the staff.
  • Integrate user interface via pre-defined touchpoints throughout the process.
  • We are brand agnostic, so we do not force the use of any “preferred” providers.
  • Agent and broker access for personalised engagement and campaign management.
  • Reduce the attrition of your Wills bank and related products.
  • We start digital and end with digital.
  • Solve the most complex issue of delivering a quality Fiduciary Solution.
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