Fiduciary services platform to sell products under your brand

Introducing our white-labelled fiduciary services and insurance platform

Our plug-and-play technology enables corporate clients to create white-labelled fidtech and insurtech offerings like Wills using API integration.

Our disruptive, customer-centric fiduciary services platform plugs in real-time, relevant products to quickly scale your business.

Leverage your existing customer database and up-sell them with cutting edge, value-adding services that provide peace of mind and you with additional revenue streams.

Our approach

Our approach


Plug & Play system to go live within 8-10 weeks.


Lifetime access with unlimited updates.


Faster than traditional services.


Update a Will anywhere, any time.


Uses current circumstances to customise a Will.

Expert Advice

Fiduciary services advice throughout the process.


Driven by powerful technology.

Multiple Channels

Direct to customer or plugin agent/advisor.

Smart Process

Identify & fill gaps in customers portfolio.

Lead Generation

Identify & fill gaps in customers portfolio.

Fully Underwritten

Paramteric sales of your insurance products.

Legal Integration

Checked by fiduciary services experts.

Behind our fidtech brand

As social entrepreneurs, we change the status quo of traditional fiduciary services through smart partnerships and intelligent technology creating the fidtech sector.
We are a BBBEE level 2 company with over twelve years of in-house experience building fidtech products.

We have more than seventeen years of creating bespoke financial services products for multiple applications. We want to inspire 1 000 000 South Africans to create a Will. A Will creates better planning for their financial future and retirement. By doing this, we will make a massive contribution to the wealth of all citizens, no matter their economic background.

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