Struggling to wind up an estate or contest a Will?

We can do it for you!

With intelligent technology and the right partnerships, Estate Plan ensures that winding up an estate of a loved one is seamless and speedy.

Estate Plan provides professional executor services and is a specialist platform in the winding up of estates. When dealing with us, you don’t need to worry about winding up an Estate even if there wasn’t a valid Will.

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Our platform uses your information to easily interlink service providers tied to your estate e.g. banks, master’s office and others.



No Will, no problem.

If there is no Will in place and the Estate is subject to Intestate Succession, we can help.

Unfreeze assets.

If the assets of a loved one have fallen victim to Intestate Succession we can sort it out for you!

Technology driven.

The process is driven by intelligent technology and makes it safe, affordable and speedy.

The 'Power Team'.

Our ‘Power Team’ of estate planning professionals validate all legal information. The team provides our customers with assistance at any time.


How it works.

  1. We use , cutting-edge estate administration software to wind up an estate.

2. You input all the relevant information for the estate in question. Our platform uses that information to easily interlink service providers tied to your estate (banks, master’s office and others).

3. The platform then performs a seamless administrative process that takes care of the hard work of winding up the estate.

We remove the stress of winding up an estate speedily and seamlessly.

We can help!

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