Our service as a system platform sets us apart.

We are the first and only white-labelled fiduciary service as a system platform and created the fidtech industry as a global first mover.

We are brand agnostic and do not force the use of any preferred financial services provider. We offer agent and broker access for personalised engagement and campaign management and reduce the attrition of your Wills bank and related products.

Our Service as a system enterprise option

Our service as a system enterprise option keeps you up to date with current technological advancements. It delivers an equal amount of Wills to customers with only one-third of the staff compliment.

With an integrated user interface via pre-defined touchpoints throughout the process, we start digital and end with a digital approach.
We are about user-friendly functionality
Our white-labelled service as a system platform and agent log-in functionality allow anyone to plug in their fiduciary and legal professionals to scale their operations.
  • Our platform empowers your business to engage, at scale, with the entire population spectrum, not just high net worth clients who have access to advisors.
  • The platform empowers your business to diversify its income streams. Your business will improve profit margins using data collated from your client database.
  • We offer the best service as a system technology and access to expert fiduciary personnel.
  • Our technology improves efficiencies by doing more with the same number of people.
Ultimately, customers get access to quality fiduciary services like Wills from anywhere.

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